That's A Nice Email...

This email made my day! So cool when folks dig what you do. Who knew making and playing cigar box guitars would be this much fun. Just wanted to share Sather's email. (He said it was OK for me to do so.)


Man you have changed my life

the sound and the joy I get out a playing this thing is off the charts

Three strings suits me much better than six

I can just riff and jive and drone and have a blast

thanks a lot

Bend Oregon

Recording Some New Cigar Box Guitar Music


Back in the studio working on some new cigar box guitar music. Recorded with Martin Kearns at Down In Deep, located in Atlanta, GA. Marty and I go way back... we played so many shows together back in the day. It was a good time recording at his studio. Marty has a great ear and his studio just feels like home. Can't wait to get it all together for everyone to hear. My 6th album will be released later in 2017. I will keep everyone posted on the release date! Rock on!


Cigar Box Guitar Amplifier

I get a lot of people asking whats a good Cigar Box Guitar Amplifier. There are a million different amps out there! If you listen to any of the sound samples on my web page  or you have seen some of my YouTubes... I use this little Line 6 Micro Spider. Cool little amp for just over $100. It can be plugged into the wall or six C battery-powered.You can practice with headphones if you want. It got a built in tuner and several cool effects. Its small and portable. I got mine at Guitar Center, just about any music store...

Cigar Box Guitar Bridges and Tailpieces

Working on cigar box guitar bridges and tailpieces today. I make several at a time. Made with maple, walnut, sapele and mahogany hardwood and fret wire. Lots of sanding and polishing in my near future! -Snowden Guitars

Handmade Cigar Box Guitar bridges and tailpeces by Mike Snowden of Snowden Guitars.

New Cigar Box Guitars!

Four new cigar box guitars are online now. Just finished sound samples, they sound and play great! Check them out!!

New batch of cigar box guitars handmade by Mike Snowden of Snowden Guitars