"He's keeping a piece of music history alive on stage and in his workshop" -CNN

"Pure Americana" -Craftsmanship Magazine

"Snowden makes serious music come out of his instruments" -Cigar Aficionado Magazine

"Part of what sold me was his passion behind his product. I need them to sound good, perform well, and last. They’ve survived two tours without a problem." -Jeff Daniels



Craftsmanship The Cigar Box Guitar Maker Mike Snowden  




Morning Express Brian McFayden Robin Meade Cigar Box Guitar Mike Snowden CNN 


Cigar Aficionado Magazine February 2016 

Cigar Aficionado Magazine Cigar Box Guitar Mike Sowden



















cigar box guitar Mike Snowden



Georgia Music Magazine "The Roots Issue" Winter 2010
Georgia Music Magazine Mike Snowden Cigar Box Guitar


The Roswell Current October 2011
Cigar Box Guitar Roswell Current Mike Snowden