Gluing Up Cigar Box Guitars

Gluing Up Cigar Box Guitars today... can never have enough clamps! New cigar box guitars to be posted soon to Snowden Guitars.

Gluing up cigar boxes today. Handmade Cigar Box Guitars by Mike Snowden of Snowden Guitars.

Cigar Box Guitar Dog

Got some help today in the shop. Harold, the dog, helping out with cigar box guitars. He's a good boy!

Harold the cigar box guitar dog at Snowden Guitars

Building Cigar Box Guitars with Mike Snowden

This originally aired on Atlanta's PBS Station. We had a blast filming, building and playing cigar box guitars one afternoon in my shop in Marietta, Georgia. I always get a laugh when people in random places say "Hey man, I saw you on TV! You build those cigar box banjos don't you?" Enjoy!



Cigar Box Notching

In between coats of finish, it's time to start working with the cigar boxes. Making some cuts here and there to accept the cigar box guitar neck. I think the New Orleans Cigar Factory box will look really good with the pecan wood fret board. Part of the fun is to pick out hard wood that will compliment the cigar box. It never gets old making cigar box guitars!

New Orleans cigar factory Handmade Cigar Box Guitars by Mike Snowden of Snowden Guitars.

Time To Clear Coat Cigar Box Guitar Necks.

Now that all the sanding is finished it is time to clear coat. These pecan wood cigar box guitar fret boards are looking nice. The clear coat will bring the grain out even more. This process takes a few days. Applying several coats of finish with several hours between coats. But the end product is awesome! These cigar box guitars will be super cool. 


Mike Snowden works on fret boards for cigar box guitars handmade at Snowden Guitars.