Cigar Box Guitars at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival

Had a great time performing cigar box guitar music at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival this year. I was located in the Eco Village section of the festival. My good friend Scott Hall jammed with me during the afternoon. Spring time in Atlanta is just awesome. We had a blast playing music most of the day. Check out my Events to see where and when I will be playing cigar box guitar music in the future!


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That's a Lot of Cigar Box Guitar Necks!

Thanks to a good friend who decided not to throw out all this wood. Gonna keep me busy for a while. Maple, walnut, cherry, ash and who knows what else will be turned into cigar box guitars soon. Recycling at it's best, Thanks Walter... YOU ROCK!

Cigar box guitar necks Snowden Guitars Marietta Georgia.


Thanks Stan!

Just wanted to share an email from Stan in Alabama. This made my day!


Thanks for the prompt professional service my friend.
My new AVO 1270 is awesome. I've owned several hundred guitars over the years ( including custom shop and vintage guitars ) and I must say, your craftsmanship ranks right up there with the best.
I'm blown away, I know how much work goes into building guitars.
I wish you much success in 2017.

My Snowden CBG is a part of my daily routine thanks to your inspirational sound clips and music. I also enjoy the blog man.

Many thanks,



New Cigar Box Guitar Music Update

Mike Snowden's new record of Cigar Box Guitar music is now getting mastered in NYC. Jasone LaFarge is now working on the project now at Seizures Palace Recording... Home of the Mighty Gowanus Sound! The record is sounding great. Keep an eye on the BLOG for updates on the release date. 

Mastering Mike Snowden's new cigar box guitar record

That's A Nice Email...

This email made my day! So cool when folks dig what you do. Who knew making and playing cigar box guitars would be this much fun. Just wanted to share Sather's email. (He said it was OK for me to do so.)


Man you have changed my life

the sound and the joy I get out a playing this thing is off the charts

Three strings suits me much better than six

I can just riff and jive and drone and have a blast

thanks a lot

Bend Oregon