Mike Snowden Summer In The Fields Cigar Box Guitar Instrumentals

Mike Snowden Summer in the Fields - Cigar Box Guitar Instrumentals CD

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Instrumental music featuring the cigar box guitar with a southern twang and a rock attitude.

Each track on this album is recorded with a unique three or four string cigar box guitar handcrafted by Mike Snowden. Most songs are accompanied by drums and electric bass, but two are solo guitar pieces. With tight arrangements and diverse rhythms, this collection of instrumentals is one of a kind. This album showcases Mike's cigar box guitars that are handmade at his shop in Marietta, Georgia.

Imagine a simpler time and place when instruments were built by hand with materials readily available. These recordings have an old-timey feel spiced up with a new groove rock approach. You don't need a lot of expensive equipment or pricey instruments to make great music! With a bit of ingenuity and a dash of soul, musical magic is possible.

Track Listing

1. Dark Highway 3:16
2. Summer in the Fields 3:53
3. The Mo Shuffle 3:28
4. M.E.S. 1:55
5. 3 String Thing 3:31
6. Porch Song 3:33
7. Turn and Burn 2:08
8. Heads or Tails 4:07
9. 1860 2:29


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